Bali Villas for Large Groups

In Bali Villa Exotic, you will find many collection Bali villas for large groups. Large group prefers some units villas complex, side by side or with connecting door. We have many villas side by side in the same complex, or nearby villas to each others. To organize villas for large group takes time because it need extra detail specially bedroom configuration. According to our experiences, most guests demand on 10 bedrooms, 14 bedrooms, 15 bedrooms even 30 bedrooms villas nearby. Large group villas in Seminyak are preferred because fashionable area.

To save time, please write down bedrooms configuration and distribution for whole group. Who will sleep alone or where to setup extra bed. It helps us to know how many bedrooms exactly needed, extra bed and pricing.

Here are Super Bali villas for large groups

Drupadi Complex: 40 Bedrooms; Biggest Bali Villas for large groups

Drupadi complex is one of huge complex Bali villas for large groups. Drupadi complex has 10 units of villas with total 40 bedrooms. Assuming 2 person/room, The complex can accommodate 80 persons or max 100 persons + extra beds. From 10 units, there are 2 units 5 bedroom villas, 2 units 3 bedroom villas and 6 units 4 bedroom villas. Drupadi complex located in Drupadi, between Eat Street and Dyana Pura Beach.

Click here to see the complex detail. You can rent single villa or combination with minimum 6-bedroom villa.

10 units of Private Villas in Seminyak Garden Complex

Seminyak Garden Complex located close to Basangkasa main Seminyak area or around 100 meters behind Bintang Restaurant. The complex consist of 1 unit six bedroom villa, 3 units four bedroom villa and 6 units three bedroom villa. All of them are side by side without connecting door but via entrance door. There are total 10 units with 37 bedrooms, sleep from 74 persons, up to 100 persons (using extra bed).

Click here to see the complex detail. Minimum combination is 6-bedroom villa

The Residence Seminyak – Luxury Complex

The Residence Seminyak has 10 units of luxury Bali villas Seminyak, located just close to Eat Street. It has 1 unit 5-bedroom villa, 3 units 4-bedroom villa, 4 units 3-bedroom villa and 2 units 2-bedroom villa with total 33 bedrooms. Perfect for large group families who are looking for large complex for large group.

Pantai Lima – Luxury Villas Bali Beachfront Canggu

Pantai Lima Estate has 5 units luxury beachfront villas with shared tennis court and it is perfect as venue villas. Each of them facing to the ocean and private pool. Pantai Lima Estate consist 2 units 6-bedroom villa and 3 units 5-bedroom villa. There are 29 bedrooms in total, sleep up to 70 persons.

Click here to see more detail.

The Jero Complex – Superb Big Luxury Villas

In Drupadi area, there are 4 ultimate big luxury Bali villas for large groups. Anam is 10-bedroom villa, Tiga Puluh is 7-bedroom villa, Abakoi & Tangram 6-bedroom each. Total 29 bedrooms in this complex. Abakoi & Tangram has connecting door.

Click here to see more detail

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