2 Bedrooms

<h2>Ideally for 4 people - 2 bedroom villa Bali</h2> Normally 2 bedroom villa Bali means villa for 4 people. Additional people can sleep at extra bed if allowed by the owner. Some of 3 bedroom villas are also available in two bedroom option, hence the price becomes cheaper. Compared to any location in Bali, 2 bedroom villa Bali Seminyak grows massively due the place is main villa seekers destination in Bali. Seminyak maybe has over 100 units of two bedroom villa while Canggu has limited. In our site, no more than 10 units of 2 bedroom villa in Canggu. Seminyak is totally different, this coastal area provides villas within walking distance to beach. Neither small family with 2 kids nor two couples, the two bedroom villa are excellent option due villa capacity. We have some luxury 2 bedroom villas in Seminyak and Canggu as our recommendation that you can pick as your home.

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